Segregation and poverty in elementary school of a typical black student, selected central cities, 2000

Percentage of white students in a typical black student’s school Percentage of economically disadvantaged students in a typical black student’s school
Detroit 2% 85%
Milwaukee 13% 71%
Fresno, Calif. 19% 64%
District of Columbia 2% 72%
Cleveland 10% 88%
U.S., nationwide 31% 56%

Note: Data for U.S., nationwide are for 2001–2002. For detailed breakdowns for these and a wider set of school districts, see Appendix Table 3 available at the end of this publication's Web page,

Source: Data for districts are from USSchools; data for U.S., nationwide is from Orfield, Kucsera, and Siegel-Hawley (2012), Tables 5 and 8

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