Southern states are well represented among the states with the lowest prime-age EPOPs: Prime-age (ages 25–54) employment-to-population ratios (EPOPs) for the 10 states with the lowest prime-age EPOPs and the U.S. overall

State Prime-age EPOP
United States  78.2%
Oklahoma 75.9%
California 75.6%
Kentucky 75.3%
Alaska 75.3%
Arkansas  75.2%
Louisiana 74.6%
Alabama 74.4%
New Mexico 73.0%
Mississippi 73.0%
West Virginia  72.7%

Note: The prime-age employment-to-population ratio is the share of the population ages 25–54 who are employed.

Source: EPI analysis of 2017–2021 Current Population Survey microdata.

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