Nine of the 15 states with the lowest per-worker GDP are in the South: Per-worker GDP for the U.S. and for the 15 U.S. states with the lowest per-worker state GDP, 2019

State Per-worker GDP
Mississippi $75,986
Montana $80,688
Vermont $81,715
Idaho $82,737
Arkansas $82,916
Maine $83,807
Alabama $88,377
Kentucky $88,737
South Carolina $90,414
Missouri $91,061
Florida $91,205
Oklahoma $91,626
West Virginia $93,362
South Dakota $94,331
Tennessee $94,890
United States $111,448

Note: States are ranked by the value of their 2019 per-worker GDP. All values are in 2021 dollars.

Source: EPI analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis, “SAGDP9N Real GDP by State.”  

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