200,000 Indianapolis workers would benefit from guaranteed paid sick leave: Number and shares of Indianapolis workers without access to paid sick days, by gender, race, and ethnicity

Indianapolis workforce Number without access to paid leave Share of group without access to paid leave Share of those without access who are in each group
Overall 462,379 193,048 41.8% 100.0%
White 278,106 111,879 40.2% 58.0%
Black 115,079 47,387 41.2% 24.5%
Latinx 42,056 23,702 56.4% 12.3%
AAPI 15,020 5,472 36.4% 2.8%
Other 12,118 4,609 38.0% 2.4%

Notes: The overall share of Indiana workers without paid sick leave was most recently estimated for 2013 in IWPR and NPWF 2015. To update this value, we apply the change in access rates for the Midwest between 2014 and 2019 from BLS NCS 2021. To estimate access rates by gender and race/ethnicity we apply the ratio of access for that demographic group to the overall access rate using estimates from IWPR 2016. AAPI stands for Asian American/Pacific Islander.

Source: EPI analysis of five-year 2019 American Community Survey microdata and data from Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) and National Partnership for Working Families 2015, Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation Survey 2021, and IWPR 2016.

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