Market-based non-elderly poverty rate in various scenarios, 2013

Market-based poverty rate* 19.5%
Market-based poverty rate with average wage growth (simulation 1) 17.9%
Market-based poverty rate with productivity wage growth (simulation 2) 16.9%
Market-based poverty rate with productivity wage growth and full employment (simulation 3) 15.3%
Post-tax, post-transfer poverty rate** 12.1%


* Measurement of market poverty rate with income excluding the following income components: veterans payments, public assistance, supplemental security, Social Security, workers compensation, and unemployment compensation.

** Measurement of post-tax, post-transfer poverty rate that adds the following variables to income: EITC credits, SNAP benefits, housing subsidies, and energy subsidies (LIHEAP).

Source: EPI analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics unpublished Total Economy Productivity data, Bureau of Economic Analysis National Income and Product Accounts Table 1.7.6, and Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement data

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