Less than 10% of workers have union coverage across most of the South: Union coverage rate for the U.S. and for Southern states, 2023.

Geography Share of workers covered by a union contract
South Carolina 3.0%
North Carolina 3.3%
Louisiana 5.2%
Georgia 5.4%
Texas 5.4%
Virginia 5.6%
Arkansas 5.8%
Florida 6.1%
Tennessee 6.9%
Oklahoma 7.7%
Alabama 8.6%
Mississippi 9.8%
Delaware 10.1%
West Virginia 10.1%
District Of Columbia 10.4%
United States 11.2%
Kentucky 11.3%
Maryland 12.8%

Note: Union coverage refers to share of workers who are members of a union or represented by a union contract.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Union Members - 2023.

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