The bottom 20 percent account for nearly half of all public assistance benefits received by workers and their families: Total value of public assistance benefits received by workers directly or through a family member, by hourly wage decile (billions of 2014 dollars)

Wage decile  Total
Bottom 10% $28.280
2nd decile $28.762 
3rd decile $21.353 
4th decile $17.375 
5th decile $11.065 
6th decile $6.683 
7th decile $3.811 
8th decile $2.500 
9th decile $1.678 
Top 10% $1.641 

Note: Each decile's share of the total benefits going to workers and their families is listed in parentheses. Includes the EITC, CTC, SNAP, LIHEAP, WIC, housing assistance, and TANF/cash assistance. These data do not include the value of Medicaid. Values reflect reported benefits from all programs in this study received by workers or their families, but do not include administrative costs.

Source: EPI analysis of Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement microdata, pooled years 2012–2014

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