Over three-fourths of all working public assistance recipients are in the bottom half of the hourly wage distribution: Distribution of workers receiving public assistance directly or through a family member, by hourly wage decile

Wage decile Share of total
Bottom 10 percent 21.0%
2nd decile 18.7%
3rd decile 14.7%
4th decile 13.1%
5th decile 10.3%
6th decile 7.5%
7th decile 5.0%
8th decile 3.9%
9th decile 3.0%
Top 10 percent 2.7%

Note: Includes the EITC, CTC, SNAP, LIHEAP, WIC, housing assistance, TANF/cash assistance, and Medicaid.

Source: EPI analysis of Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement microdata, pooled years 2012–2014

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