Definitions of Uber hourly pay

Row Cook et al. 2018 Hall and Krueger 2016 Rideshare Guy blog (Campbell 2017b)  Zoepf et al. 2018
1. Total passenger fares
Less booking fees:
2. Fares, including commissions $21.07
Less commission (25%):
3. Earnings before expenses  $20.19  $15.68
Less vehicle expenses:
4. Compensation /net profit $8.55–$10.00
Less benefits:
5. Wages
Sources Definitions of pay
Cook et al. 2018, 9–10 “All earnings are gross earnings. Costs such as gas, car depreciation, and Uber’s service fee have not been subtracted from the earnings we present.”
Hall and Krueger 2016, 21–22 “Reported earnings here are net of Uber’s fees but do not adjust for driver-partners’ expenses.”
Campbell 2017b “Uber drivers reported earning $15.68 per hour, but since drivers are also responsible for gas, maintenance and depreciation, that number is likely less.”
Zoepf et al. 2018; Zoepf 2018 “‘Median profit’: Earning less expenses”

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