Computing the benefits advantage, 2018

2018 data
A. Basic data
Ratio: Compensation to W-2 wages
K–12 teachers 1.409
Professionals 1.274
Estimated weekly wage penalty -21.4%
B. Benefits advantage analysis
W-2 wages
K–12 teachers* 78.6
Professionals 100.0
K–12 teachers 110.7
Professionals 127.4
Rescaled compensation***
K–12 teachers 86.9
Professionals 100.0
C. Benefits advantage**** 8.4%

* 100 less estimated wage penalty
** Wage times compensation-to-wage ratio
*** Divide by professionals’ compensation, the benchmark, and multiply by 100
**** Subtract teachers’ W-2 wages from teachers’ rescaled compensation

Note: Numbers may not sum to totals due to rounding.

Sources: Benefits and wage data from Bureau of Labor Statistics Employer Costs for Employee Compensation data; wage penalty estimated with Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group data

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