Changes in specification and sample restrictions

Sample restrictions and regression specification Original sample and model used in previous work Sample and model used in this paper
Dependent variable log weekly wage Yes Yes
Self-employed workers dropped Yes Yes
Weekly hours ≥ 35 Yes Yes
Imputed CPS wage data dropped Yes Yes
Age range 18–64 Yes Yes
Top-code-adjusted dataa No Yes
Education sample restriction None B.A. or higher
Education category controlsb 6 4
Race/ethnic controls: w,b,h,oc Yes Yes
Married indicator Yes Yes
Geographic controls Region State
Age quartic controls Yes Yes
Gender control (pooled regressions) Yes Yes
Private-sector teacher indicator Yes Yes
Public-sector teacher indicator Yes Yes
Include CPS-ORG weight in regressions No Yes

a We adjust top codes using Pareto distribution.
Six groups: less than high school, high school diploma, some college or associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, professional degree/Ph.D. (combined). Four groups: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, professional degree, Ph.D.
White, black, Hispanic, other. Race/ethnicity categories are mutually exclusive (i.e., white non-Hispanic, black non-Hispanic, other non-Hispanic, and Hispanic any race).

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