Matching the assets and liabilities in the Distributional Financial Accounts (DFA) and the Financial Accounts of the US (FAUS): The manual crosswalk of quintile-level income variables in the DFA data set to aggregate income variables in the FAUS data set

DFA quintile-level income shares FAUS aggregate income
Financial assets Personal sector; total financial assets 
Checkable deposits and currency Households and nonprofit organizations; private foreign deposits; asset   
  Personal sector; checkable deposits and currency; asset
Money market fund shares Personal sector; money market fund shares; asset
Time deposits and short-term investments Personal sector; total time and savings deposits; asset
Debt securities Personal sector; debt securities; asset
U.S. government and municipal securities Personal sector; Treasury securities; asset 
  Households and nonprofit organizations; agency- and GSE-backed securities; asset 
  Personal sector; municipal securities; asset
Corporate and foreign bonds Households and nonprofit organizations; corporate and foreign bonds; asset
Loans (assets) Personal sector; loans; asset
Corporate equities and mutual fund shares Households and nonprofit organizations; corporate equities; asset
  Households and nonprofit organizations; mutual fund shares; asset
Other loans and advances (assets) Nonprofit organizations; grants and trade receivables; asset
Life insurance reserves Households and nonprofit organizations; life insurance reserves; asset
Pension entitlements Households and nonprofit organizations; pension entitlements; asset
Miscellaneous assets Personal sector; other financial assets
Nonfinancial assets Personal sector; nonfinancial assets
Real estate Personal sector; residential equipment and structures, current cost basis
Equity in noncorporate business Personal sector; nonresidential structures, equipment, and intellectual property products, current cost basis
Consumer durables Households and nonprofit organizations; consumer durable goods, current cost basis
Liabilities Personal sector; total liabilities
Home mortgages Personal sector; one-to-four-family residential mortgages; liability
  Personal sector; commercial, multifamily, and farm mortgages; liability
Consumer credit Households and nonprofit organizations; consumer credit; liability
Depository institutions loans n.e.c. Personal sector; other loans and advances; liability
Other loans and advances (liabilities) Personal sector; other liabilities
Deferred and unpaid life insurance premiums Personal sector; net capital transfers paid

Source: Personal savings data from the Financial Accounts of the United States and household income data from the Federal Reserve Board’s Distributional Financial Accounts (FRB 2021a; 2021b). 

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