Share of U.S. manufacturing establishments requiring extended reading, writing, math, and computer skills in core production jobs

Extended reading skills (ability to read either complex technical documents; any document longer than five pages; or articles in trade journals, newspapers, and magazines) 52.6%
Extended writing skills (ability to write at least one page) 22.1%
Extended math skills (ability to perform any of the following math categories) 38.0%
Algebra, geometry, or trigonometry 31.5%
Probability or statistics 13.6%
Calculus or other advanced mathematics 7.4%
Extended computer skills (ability to perform any of the three following functions) 41.9%
Use CAD/CAM 28.4%
Use other engineering or manufacturing software 29.2%
Write computer programs (e.g., programming a CNC machine for a new piece) 18.6%

Source: MIT's Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE) Manufacturing Survey (2012–2013)

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