High U.S. health care spending buys poor health system outcomes: U.S. score on health system attributes relative to scores of 10 other advanced country peers

10-peer-country score (non-U.S. average) Highest-scoring non-U.S. country Lowest-scoring non-U.S. country U.S. score
Care process* 0.88 1.16 0.49
Affordability 3.06 3.84 2.28
Timeliness 1.15 1.71 0.51
Administrative efficiency 2.11 2.63 0.83
Equity 2.04 2.87 1.41
Health care outcomes 1.85 2.38 1.13

* “Care process” covers prevention, safe care, coordination, and patient engagement.

Notes: Because the different performance evaluations drew on different data sources and thus were not based on a common indexing scale, each measure was first transformed to make the worst-performing measure equal to 1. Then this normalized index was re-sorted to make the U.S. score equal to 1 on each measure. This process allows us to show how far the U.S. system falls from the average performance of all 10 peer countries and the performance of the highest- and lowest-scoring peer countries. The 10 comparison countries are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Author’s analysis of data from Schneider et al. 2017

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