Estimated number of J-1 and J-2 workers employed in the United States, 2014

Number of workers
J-1 program
Au Pair 16,035
Camp Counselor 19,523
Intern 22,963
Physician 1,999
Professor and Research Scholar 34,232
Short-Term Scholar 19,757
Specialist 610
Summer Work Travel 90,285
Teacher 1,447
Trainee 9,707
J-1 worker subtotal 216,558
J-1 subtraction
J-1 adjustment to LPR status via employment-based preference, 2014 -692
Total J-1 workers 215,866
J-2 workers
Employment authorization document (EAD) approvals for J-2 spouses of J-1 workers 8,243
Total J-1 and J-2 workers 224,109

Note: All references to a particular year should be understood to mean the U.S. government’s fiscal year (October 1–September 30). The numbers listed for J-1 workers represent new Exchange Visitor Program participants who worked at least 4 months during 2014. (Not all J-1 visa holders are in the country for the entire year.) They exclude the following program categories: Secondary School Student, Government Visitor, International Visitor, and College and University Student. They also exclude government-sponsored exchange visitors in other categories. The J-2 total represents the number of initial and renewed EADs granted to J-2 beneficiaries in 2014.

Sources: J-1 participant information from U.S. DOS 2015; EAD data for J-2 spouses acquired from USCIS through a FOIA request and published in Vaughan 2015; J-1 adjustment of status data acquired from USCIS through a FOIA request and published in Zamora 2016

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