Percent change in nominal wages or total compensation, 2013–2014

CES, monthly
All workers 1.7%
Production/nonsupervisory 1.6%
ECI, quarterly
Total compensation 2.3%
Wages and salaries 2.2%
CPS ORG, semiannual
Median 1.7%
Average 1.7%
BLS, quarterly
Median usual weekly earnings, full-time wage and salary workers 1.7%

Note: Changes were calculated from the latter end of each year (i.e., monthly data were calculated from December 2013 to December 2014; quarterly data were calculated from 2013Q4 to 2014Q4; semiannual data were calculated from second half 2013 to second half 2014).

Source: EPI analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Current Establishment Statistics (CES) public data series, BLS Employment Cost Index (ECI), Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group (CPS ORG) microdata, BLS Current Population Survey public data series

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