Student and family characteristics of the kindergarten class of 2010–2011

Student characteristics Mean Standard deviation (sd)
White 51.5%
Black 13.7%
Hispanic 24.9%
Hispanic ELL 11.4%
Hispanic English speaker 12.6%
Asian 4.4%
Other 5.5%
Girl 48.5%
Age (in months) 68.5 4.6
Has a disability 20.5%
Family characteristics Mean Standard deviations (sd)
Family type: living with two parents 68.2%
Family type: not living with two parents 31.8%
Number of siblings 1.5 1.1
Language at home is English 84.7%
Language at home is not English (ELL) 15.3%
Native 74.0%
Immigrant 26.0%
Living in poverty 25.5%
Low SES (quintile 1) 20.3%
Low-middle SES (quintile 2) 20.5%
Middle SES (quintile 3) 20.0%
High-middle SES (quintile 4) 20.2%
High SES (quintile 5) 18.9%
Early educational practices Mean Standard deviation (sd)
Pre-K care 79.3%
Pre-K care: center-based 55.1%
Enrichment activities with parents 0.0

Note: SES stands for socioeconomic status. ELL stands for English-language learner. Among Hispanic children, some do not report their language status (Hispanic children with language reported account for 24 percent of the Kindergarten Class of 2010–2011.)

Source: EPI analysis of ECLS-K, Kindergarten Class of 2010–2011 (National Center for Education Statistics)

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