Full-time graduate student borrowing for undergraduate and graduate education, select school years, 2014–2015 dollars

Percent who borrowed

Year Percent who borrowed
1999–2000 69.4%
2007–08 71.3%
2011–12 73.3%

Average amount borrowed

Year Amount borrowed
1999–2000 $58,610
2007–08 $61,610
2011–12 $77,700

Note: The year shown represents the school year ending in that year. Dollars are adjusted for inflation to 2014–2015 school year dollars using the CPI. Borrowing does not include Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) taken out by the parents of undergraduates or loans from families and friends. Borrowing does include PLUS loans taken out by graduate students on their own behalf.

Source: Authors’ analysis of data from NCES 2017b, Table 332.10

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