Unemployment rates, actual and adjusted, 1997–2000 and 2016–2019

Actual Adjusted
1997–2000 4.43%  4.44% 
2016–2019 4.20%  4.46% 


Notes: The adjusted unemployment rate is calculated by holding age and five categories of educational attainment (less than high school, high school diploma only, some college attendance, four-year college completion, and advanced degree) at their 1995 levels and recalculating unemployment going forward, using the reweighting procedure in John DiNardo, Nicole M. Fortin, and Thomas Lemieux, “Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages, 1973–1992: A Semiparametric Approach,” Econometrica 64, no. 5, 1996.

Source: Author’s analysis of Current Population Survey Basic microdata.

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