China vs. Brazil: Comparison of labor rights and workplace conditions at Foxconn

China Brazil
Wage in US Dollars Basic monthly wage (CNY)
Shenzhen – 1800 ($286)
Chengdu – 1550 ($246)
Zhengzhou – 1550 ($246)
Basic monthly wage (Reais) 1050 ($580)
Vacation Pay 5 days paid vacation after 1 year 30 days paid vacation after 1 year, plus 1/3 salary bonus during vacation
Maximum workweek 60-70 hours per week 44 hours per week
Current minimum wages Minimum wage (CNY)
Shenzhen- 1500 ($238)
Chengdu- 1050 ($166)
Zhengzhou- 1080 ($171)
Minimum wage(Reais) 622 Reais($342), but varies by region
Lunch subsidies None. Most workers report spending CNY 300-400 ($47.56-$63.42); cost depends on whether workers eat inside Foxconn plant Yes. 94,83R/month
Independent union representation No Yes, but no guarantee of Stewards
Workplace safety committee Yes, with management-chosen members and largely non-functional Yes, joint with management and with employee-elected representatives.
Maternity Leave In theory. Required by law but not provided by Foxconn. 4 months paid by law. CBA often above that.
Severance ? 1 month pay/yr of service. 1.5  if over 45 years old
Unemployment Insurance Mandatory but not provided 3-5 months
Healthcare National plan Universal healthcare plus CBA above it. Committee formed to negotiate
Profit Sharing None One month’s salary
End-of-year differential/annual bonus One month’s salary One month’s salary
Paid Holidays 11 national holidays 8 national and 5 local paid holidays
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