Estimating the share and level of women's UI claims using available data: Sector-based UI claims adjusted by predicted gender shares, March 15--April 4, 2020

Women with UI claims
Sector-based share of UI claims 45.3%
Sector-based level of UI claims 6,798,836
Lower bound, predicted share 52.2%
Upper bound, predicted share 55.8%
Lower bound, adjusted level 7,834,420
Upper bound, adjusted level 8,374,725

Source: EPI analysis of Bureau of Labor Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data series; EPI Current Population Survey Extracts, Version 1.0 (2020),; state-level gender-specific UI initial claims data for Minnesota, North Dakota, and Nevada; and sector-specific initial UI claims data for Alabama, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Washington, retrieved from each state's employment office

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