Domestic workers are less likely to have health or retirement benefits: Employer-provided health insurance and retirement coverage rates, domestic workers versus other workers, 2018

Coverage rate
Domestic workers 19.1%
All other workers 48.9%
House cleaners 7.3%
Nannies 15.1%
Child care (in own home) 6.8%
Home care (non-agency) 17.1%
Home care (agency-based) 25.2%
Domestic workers 9.1%
All other workers 32.8%
House cleaners 2.0%
Nannies 3.5%
Child care (in own home) 2.6%
Home care (non-agency) 6.6%
Home care (agency-based) 13.1%

Note: To ensure sufficient sample sizes, this figure draws from pooled 2016–2018 microdata.

Source: Economic Policy Institute (EPI) analysis of Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement microdata

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