Wage and hour enforcement on farms during the first two years of the Biden administration: Number of investigations in agriculture, employees receiving back wages, total back wages assessed, back wages per employee, and civil money penalties, fiscal years 2021–2022

Fiscal Year Number of investigations in agriculture  Employees receiving back wages  Back wages assessed (2022$) Average back wages per employee (2022$) Civil money penalties assessed (2022$)
2021 1,000 10,379 $9,107,258 $877 $7,887,306
2022 879 8,260 $5,815,943 $704 $7,983,598
TOTALS 1,879 18,639 $14,923,202 $15,870,904
AVERAGE ANNUAL 940 9,320 $7,461,601 $791 $7,935,452

Note: Dollar amounts reported have been adjusted for inflation to constant 2022 dollars using the CPI-U-RS. As a result, the dollar amounts presented here may differ from the amounts reported in the source data. 

Source: Authors’ analysis of U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, Agriculture data table (last accessed February 26, 2023).

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