Estimated number of J-1 workers employed in low-wage occupations in the United States, 2015

 Number of Workers
Au pair 17,588
Camp Counselor 21,206
Intern 24,395
Summer Work Travel 94,983
Trainee 10,480
Subtotal: J-1 lworkers in low-wage occupations 168,652
J-1 adjustment to LPR status via employment-based preference (2016) -692
Total J-1 workers in low-wage occupations 167,960

Note: LPR refers to lawful permanent resident. The numbers listed for J-1 workers represent new Exchange Visitor Program participants who worked at least 4 months during 2015 (not all J-1 visa holders are in the country for the entire year) and partcipated in Exchange Visitor programs where they were likely to be employed in low-wage occupations. All references to a particular year should be understood to mean the U.S. government’s fiscal year (October 1–September 30). J-1 adjustment of status data for 2016 is estimated and based on actual total for 2014.

Source: J-1 worker information from U.S. Department of State, J-1 visa website, "Facts and Figures," Adjustment of status data acquired from USCIS through Freedom of Information Act request by Lazaro Zamora, Bipartisan Policy Center, and published in "Are “Temporary Workers” Really Temporary? Turning Temporary Status into Green Cards," (May 31, 2016),

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