Summary of minimum wage increases under Delaware SB 15 and numbers of workers affected by the increases, 2022--2025

Date Minimum wage Increase Total estimated state workforce Directly affected Indirectly affected Total affected Affected workers’ share of state workforce
March 2021 $9.25
January 2022 $10.50 $1.25 436,000 27,000 23,000 50,000 11.5%
January 2023 $11.50 $1.00 437,000 43,000 19,000 63,000 14.3%
January 2024 $13.25 $1.75 439,000 61,000 41,000 102,000 23.2%
January 2025 $15.00 $1.75 441,000 92,000 30,000 122,000 27.8%

Notes: Values reflect the result of the proposed change in the state minimum wage. Wage changes resulting from existing state and local minimum wage laws are accounted for by EPI’s Minimum Wage Simulation Model. Totals may not sum due to rounding. Shares calculated from unrounded values. Directly affected workers will see their wages rise as the new minimum wage rate exceeds their existing hourly pay. Indirectly affected workers have a wage rate just above the new minimum wage (between the new minimum wage and 115% of the new minimum). They will receive a raise as employer pay scales are adjusted upward to reflect the new minimum wage.

Source: Economic Policy Institute Wage Simulation Model; see David Cooper, Zane Mokhiber, and Ben Zipperer, Minimum Wage Simulation Model Technical Methodology, Economic Policy Institute, February 2019.

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