At least 16 states have introduced or passed laws rolling back child labor protections in the past two years: State child labor legislation activity, 2021–2023

State Indicator Status Bill Year Industry supporters Bill details Detailed status
Arkansas 1 Enacted HB 1410 2023 Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability) Eliminates age verification and parent/guardian permission requirements Enacted
Washington D.C.
Florida 2 Introduced HB 49 2023 Increases hours for 16–17 year-olds and preempts localities from enacting stronger laws Introduced
Georgia 2 Introduced HB 501 2023 Eliminates work certificate requirement; lowers age for work in landscaping Introduced; withdrawn
Iowa 1 Enacted 2023 (SF 542);
2022 (HF 2198)
Americans for Prosperity; Fareway Stores, Inc.; Home Builders Association of Iowa; Iowa National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB); Iowa Farm Equipment Dealers Association; Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI); Iowa Hotel and Lodging Association; Iowa Restaurant Association; Iowa Travel Industry Partners; Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability) [HF 2198];
Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce (HF 2198)
Lifts restrictions on hazardous work; lowers age for alcohol service; extends work hours (SF 542);
Lowers minimum age of child care workers; increases staff-to-child ratios (HF 2198).
Enacted (SF 542);
Enacted (HF 2198)
Maine 2 Introduced LD 1332; 
LD 559
2023 (LD 1332);
2023 (LD 559)
Maine Tourism Association (LD 1332);  Maine Chamber of Commerce (LD 559) Subminimum wage for youth (LD 1332);
Extends work hours for some home-schooled youth during school year (LD 559)
Introduced (LD 1332); 
Introduced (LD 559)
Michigan 1 Enacted HB 5696 and HB 5726;
HB 4232
2022 (HB 5696 and HB 5726);
2022 (HB 4232)
Lowers age to work at liquor stores (HB 5696 and HB 5726);
Lowers age to serve alcohol (HB 4232)
Enacted (HB 5696 and HB 5726); 
Enacted (HB 4232)
Minnesota 2 Introduced SF 375;
SF 1102
2023 (SF 375);
2023 (SF 1102)
Lifts restrictions on hazardous work (SF 375);
Extends work hours (SF 1102)
Introduced (SF 375);
Introduced (SF 1102)
Missouri 2 Introduced SB 175 2023 Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability) Eliminates work certificate requirement for 16–17 year-olds Introduced
Nebraska 2 Introduced LB 15 2023 Subminimum wage for youth Introduced
New Hampshire 1 Enacted SB 345 2022 New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association; New Hampshire Liquor Commission Lowers age to bus tables where alcohol is served; extends work hours Enacted
New Jersey 1 Enacted A4222 2022 New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; New Jersey Business and Industry Association Extends work hours; increases time before break Enacted
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Ohio 2 Introduced SB 30 2023 Americans for Prosperity; Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce; Ohio NFIB; Ohio Restaurant Association Extends work hours Passed in the Senate
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota 2 Introduced HB 1180 2023 Extends work hours Introduced; withdrawn
Tennessee 1 Enacted HB 1212 2023 Lowers age from 18 to 16 for work in businesses that receive over 25% of monthly gross receipts from alcohol sales Enacted
Virginia 2 Introduced HB 1669 2023 Subminimum wage for youth Introduced; failed in the House
West Virginia
Wisconsin 2 Introduced SB 332;
AB 286
2021–2022 (SB 332);
2023 (AB 286)
Wisconsin Grocers Association; Wisconsin Independent Businesses, Inc.; Wisconsin NFIB; Association of Wisconsin Tourism Attractions; Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association (SB 332) Extends work hours (SB 332);
Lowers age to serve alcohol (AB 286)
Passed in the House and Senate, vetoed by the governor (SB 332);
Introduced (AB 286)

Source: EPI analysis of state legislative activity and news related to child labor legislation.

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