In the past two years, at least 14 states have introduced or passed laws rolling back child labor protections: State child labor legislation activity, 2021–2023

Bill Bill details Status Year Industry supporters
HB 1410 Eliminates age verification and parent/guardian permission requirements Enacted 2023 Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability)
HB 501 Eliminates work certificate requirement; lowers age for work in landscaping Introduced; withdrawn 2023  
SF 542 (formerly SF 167) Lifts restrictions on hazardous work; lowers age for alcohol service; extends work hours Enacted 2023 Americans for Prosperity; Fareway Stores, Inc.; Home Builders Association of Iowa; Iowa National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB); Iowa Farm Equipment Dealers Association; Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI); Iowa Hotel and Lodging Association; Iowa Restaurant Association; Iowa Travel Industry Partners; Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability)
HF 2198 Lowers minimum age of child care workers; increases staff-to-child ratios Enacted 2022 Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce
LD 1332 Subminimum wage for youth Introduced 2023  
LD 559 Extends work hours for some home-schooled youth during school year Introduced 2023 Maine Tourism Association; Maine Chamber of Commerce
HB 5696 and HB 5726 Lowers age to work at liquor stores Enacted 2022  
HB 4232 Lowers age to serve alcohol Enacted 2022  
SF 375 Lifts restrictions on hazardous work Introduced 2023  
SF 1102 Extends work hours Introduced 2023  
SB 175 Eliminates work certificate requirement for 16–17 year-olds Introduced 2023 Opportunity Solutions Project (Foundation for Government Accountability)
LB 15 Subminimum wage for youth Introduced 2023  
New Hampshire
SB 345 Lowers age to bus tables where alcohol is served; extends work hours Enacted 2022 New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association; New Hampshire Liquor Commission
New Jersey
A4222 Extends work hours; increases time before break Enacted 2022 New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; New Jersey Business and Industry Association
SB 30 Extends work hours Passed in the Senate 2023 Americans for Prosperity; Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce; Ohio NFIB; Ohio Restaurant Association
South Dakota
HB 1180 Extends work hours Introduced; withdrawn 2023  
HB 1669 Subminimum wage for youth Introduced; failed in the House 2023  
SB 332 Extends work hours Passed in the House and Senate; vetoed by the governor 2021–2022 Wisconsin Grocers Association; Wisconsin Independent Businesses, Inc.; Wisconsin NFIB; Association of Wisconsin Tourism Attractions; Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association
AB 286 Lowers age to serve alcohol Introduced 2023  

Source: EPI analysis of state legislative activity and news related to child labor legislation.

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