Starting wages in cannabis jobs are consistent with union-negotiated wage floors: Typical starting hourly wages in cannabis jobs, by industry segment


Occupation Industry segment Wages – Vangst Wages – Wages – Union contracts
Grower/horticulturalist/cultivation technician Cultivation $16.00–$22.00 $15.50–$20.00 $15.00–$21.00
Trimmer/harvester/post-harvester Cultivation $14.50–$16.00 $14.00–$19.00 $15.00–$17.00
Extraction technician/lab technician Processing $16.80–$19.50 $21.30 $23.00–$25.00
Production/processing/manufacturing technician Processing $15.00–$18.75 $15.00–$23.00
Edibles specialist Processing $17.00–$24.00
Packager Processing $14.50–$18.50 $16.75 $16.00–$18.00
Merchandiser/inventory control/warehouse technician Processing $15.00–$21.00
Budtender/patient care representative/pharmacy technician Sales $14.50–$17.00 $15.75 $15.00–$21.00
Customer service representative Sales $16.40–$22.00 $18.90
Delivery driver Sales $15.00–$18.00 $17.00–$21.50
Shop host/security Sales $16.00–$22.00

Notes: updates wage data regularly based on job listings posted on its site, so values change regularly. The values listed reflect the approximate range observed in August 2021.

Sources: Vangst 2020; 2021; collective bargaining agreements for cannabis unions in California, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington provided by the United Food and Commercial Workers (for agreements that contain starting wage information for 2020 or later). 

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