Cannabis occupations and descriptions

Segment Occupation Position description
Cultivation Grower/horticulturalist Responsible for the cleaning, upkeep, and sanitation of the cultivation facility. Similar titles include harvest manager, cultivation technician, and horticulturist. 
Trimmer/post-harvester Responsible for hand trimming flowers from plants in a quick and efficient manner while ensuring that the facility produces quality cannabis. This is typically an hourly position. 
Processing Extraction technician/lab technician Responsible for assisting in the production of cannabis oils and extracts through various extraction techniques and processes. 
  Production technician Responsible for running equipment and performing tasks to produce new products. Similar titles include production associate and warehouse associate. 
  Edibles specialist Oversees the kitchen and maintains high standards for product development, formulation, dosing, finished product, and cleanliness while managing the production team. 
  Packagers Responsible for accurate packaging of cannabis into pre-weighed containers and pre-rolled joints. 
Inventory control Manages product inventory. Maintains appropriate chain-of-custody documentation on cannabis products and ensures quality of cannabis inventory. 
Retail Sales Budtender Assists the customer or patient in the retail or medical purchasing process. This position is often referred to as “sales associate” and is an hourly position.
Customer service representative Resolves product or service problems by mitigating customer issues and maintaining relationships. Similar titles include cannabis delivery dispatcher and customer service agent.
Delivery driver  Serves as a mobile budtender, delivering cannabis products from a licensed retailer directly to consumers. 
Shop host/security guard Responsible for onsite protection and safety for employees, customers, and assets. 

Sources: Vangst 2020 and union contracts provided by United Food and Commercial Workers. 

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