Workers' reported level of work-family conflict and work stress, by shift type

Day shift Night shift Irregular shift
All (n=4,641) 77% 6% 16%
2.2 2.3 2.5***
Work stress 3.1 3 3.1

***p<.001 in t-test. The level of work-family conflict when working an irregular shift is statistically significantly different than conflict levels working night or day shifts.

Note: The conflict scores reflect workers' responses (1=never, 2=rarely, 3=sometimes, and 4=often) to the question, "How often does your job interfere with family?" The stress scores reflect workers' responses (1=never, 2=hardly ever, 3=sometimes, 4=often, and 5=always) to the question, "How often do you find your work stressful?" For both work-family conflict and work stress, we use a "continuous" variable measure here.

Source: General Social Survey Quality of Worklife Supplement (NIOSH) pooled years 2002, 2006, and 2010

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