Black workers are more likely than other workers to be in front-line jobs: Black workers as a share of all workers in a given industry

Black workers’ share of workers in the industry
Front-line workers 17.0%
All workers 11.9%
Grocery, convenience & drugstore workers 14.2%
Public transit workers 26.0%
Trucking, warehouse & postal service workers 18.2%
Building cleaning services workers 12.6%
Health care workers 17.5%
Child care & social services workers 19.3%

Notes: The front-line industry categories used here are the categories used in the CEPR report (see Source below for more information). Sample is a 2014–2018 five-year estimate.

Source: EPI analysis of data from the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) report A Basic Demographic Profile of Workers in Frontline Industries (April 2020).

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