States with abortion protections are more than twice as likely as states with abortion restrictions to have union representation: Percent of workers represented by a union as a member or covered by a contract, 2021

Abortion status Union Density
Abortion-protected 14.8%
Abortion-restricted 7.2%

Notes: See Table 1 for state abortion status groupings. See Appendix Table 1 for full list of state minimum wage values. 

States are split into two categories: abortion-restricted and abortion-protected. The “abortion-restricted” category includes the three sub-categories from Figure A: states with some restrictions or abortions bans which have been blocked in court, states with extreme restrictions, and states where abortion is completely banned. The “abortion-protected” states include states where abortion is available or there are very few restrictions.

Source: Author analysis of 2021 Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group data for all workers ages 16 and older (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group (BLS-CPS-ORG), Public data series aggregated from basic monthly CPS microdata, 2021.); abortion status categories from Figure A.

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