More unemployed people can access unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in states with abortion protections: UI recipiency rates in states with abortion protections and abortion bans/limitations

Abortion status UI recipiency rates
Abortion-protected 42%
Abortion-restricted 30%

Notes: The UI recipiency rate in each state is the share of unemployed workers who are receiving unemployment insurance benefits through the state’s regular UI program (i.e., not through federal emergency programs such as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance). States are split into two categories: abortion-restricted and abortion-protected. The “abortion-restricted” category includes the three sub-categories from Figure A: states with some restrictions or abortions bans which have been blocked in court, states with extreme restrictions, and states where abortion is completely banned. The “abortion-protected” states include states where abortion is available or there are very few restrictions.

Source: Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration, Unemployment Insurance Data Chartbook 2021; Figure A adapted from Guttmacher Institute, “US Abortion Policies and Access After Roe” (interactive map), updated October 16, 2022.

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