Most women have more than a high school education, but Latinas and AIAN women lag behind other groups in attaining higher education: Share of women age 25 and older with given level of educational attainment, by race and ethnicity, 2019

Less than high school High school Some college College Advanced degree
White 6.2% 26.1% 30.5% 22.7% 14.6%
Black 11.9% 28.8% 34.3% 14.8% 10.2%
Hispanic 28.5% 26.5% 25.8% 13.1% 6.1%
AAPI 13.6% 15.4% 18.2% 31.1% 21.8%
AIAN 17.4% 28.9% 36.2% 11.3% 6.3%

Notes: AAPI refers to Asian American and Pacific Islander, AIAN refers to American Indian and Alaskan Native. All race categories are single race and do not distinguish Hispanic ethnicity from non-Hispanic ethnicity, except for white, which is exclusive of Hispanic ethnicity (i.e., non-Hispanic white alone, Black alone, AAPI alone, and AIAN alone). Hispanic can be of any race. Shares may not add up to 100 due to rounding. 

Sources: Economic Policy Institute analysis of U.S. Census Bureau 2019 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates Detailed Tables B15002H, B15002B, B15002I, B15002D, B15002E, and B15002C.  

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