Proposed public spending on economic investments under the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and budget reconciliation bill proposal

Spending category Amount (billions)
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
Roads, bridges, major projects $110.0 
Safety $11.0 
Public transit $39.0 
Rail $66.0 
Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure $15.0 
Reconnecting communities $1.0 
Airports $25.0 
Ports and waterways $17.0 
Water infrastructure $55.0 
Broadband infrastructure $65.0 
Environmental remediation $21.0 
Power infrastructure including grid authority $73.0 
Resilience $50.0 
Subtotal $548.0 
Budget reconciliation bill
Universal pre-K $172.0 
Child care $215.0 
Clean energy tax incentives $308.7 
Electric vehicle (EV) rebates $86.0 
Agriculture/forestry $113.5 
Clean energy accelerator/green bank/infrastructure bank $23.2 
Civilian Conservation Corps $8.6 
Federal procurement of clean technology $39.6 
Weatherization $15.5 
Place-based clean energy economic development and environment $12.0 
Education (post-secondary) $258.0 
Long-term care $344.0 
ACA premiums $140.2 
Dental, vision, hearing $258.0 
Public housing, preservation, supply, and affordability $196.9 
Lawful permanent residences for immigrants $108.4 
Community college infrastructure $10.3 
Critical Supply Chain Resilience Fund $43.0 
Manufacturing USA $2.6 
National Institute for Science and Technology Laboratories $3.4 
Extension Partnerships $6.0 
Regional Innovation Hubs $8.6 
Community Revitalization Fund $8.6 
Auto supply chain $18.9 
Manufacturing financing $25.8 
Small Business Administration and minority business development $26.7 
Rural Partnership Fund $4.3 
Pandemic preparedness: HHS, DOE, DOD $25.8 
Research and development $160.4 
Workforce $70.3 
Child nutrition $38.7 
Paid leave $193.5 
Subtotal $3,505.6 
Total $4,053.6 

Notes: Research and development includes research programs for infrastructure, the National Science Foundation Technology Directorate, climate research, Department of Energy demonstrating funding, ARPA-Climate initiatives, historically Black colleges and universities, and STEM centers of excellence and education programs. Pandemic preparedness includes designated funding for the Departments of Health and Human Services, Energy, and Defense. CTC/EITC/CDCTC denotes Child Tax Credit/Earned Income Tax Credit/Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

Source: EPI analysis of White House 2021b, 2021c, and 2021d.

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