Housing wealth—particularly wealth from owning a nonprimary residence—is skewed: Share of total primary and nonprimary household housing wealth in the U.S. economy held by each wealth class, 2016

Primary Nonprimary
Bottom 50 percent 10.4% 1.6%
Bottom 80 percent 40.0% 9.9%
Top 20 percent 60.0% 90.1%
80th–90th 18.6% 12.6%
90th–95th 13.9% 14.9%
96th–99th 16.8% 29.6%
Top 1 percent 10.7% 32.9%

Note: Primary housing wealth is wealth from owner-occupied housing. Nonprimary housing wealth is wealth from nonowner-occupied housing. The wealth classes depicted overlap, with the top 20 percent broken down into households falling within the 80th to 90th, 90th to 95th, and 96th to 99th percentiles.

Source: Author’s analysis of microdata from the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances (2016)

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