• James Cooley

    This, “As Social Security Works co-director Nancy Altman points out, we have to get the revenues in the first place.” is simply a false statement and shows a complete lack of understanding of modern monetary theory and how a sovereign government first creates and spends money before it collects revenue. Even the troglodyte Allen Greenspan understands this fact: “There is nothing to prevent the federal government from creating as much money as it wants and paying it to someone.” in testimony before the House Budget Committee chaired by Paul Ryan. If you don’t understand this simple fact, your argument is pitifully weak.

    • Judith Richey

      Was your money stolen from your bank account where you saved it? Was it stolen by your government? Well, my money was stolen out of my SS retirement savings repeatedly by the US Government, and now the robber wants to confuse the theft with bs….The US budget is huge, we who paid in without any choice get paid back first. Period.
      If you think the dopes can’t deduct SS payment from the budget first, I’ll be happy to show them how. No Trogolodytes required

      • James Dean

        Can I add an Amen?

    • James Dean

      The key word in your post was “theory” thank you

  • bobgeezer

    I paid for my Social Security benefits for my whole working life – maybe 60 years! But, as usual, the US Congress started to steal money from the Fund in the LBJ Administration, and continues to do so today. I put money into the Fund, it earns interest over many years, and then, if I’m alive, it pays me back. Simple economics. But no, Congress steals my Funds and now wants to cut those benefits I have paid for. Put the blame where it belongs.